[Coruscant Border Game] Any Feedback on this?

Hey! I am making a Coruscant Roleplay Border Game! I and my developer have been making this and I would like some feedback before we continue on. Thanks to @D_Lexus for helping build!

This is the spawn area which will eventually lead to the entrance of the border.

Sorry for posting many photos. I just wanted to show it from each perspective.


Looks great, really like the use of the lights, gives a sci fi/futuristic feel to it. A job well done if you ask me! :slight_smile:

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I love the sci-fi theme to this build. If I were you, I would lessen down the brightness of the neon as in “changing it’s transparency to something in the range of 0.1 - 0.3”.

Other Notes:

Keep improving on the build itself, but also remember that adding too much could be bad. Don’t put more neon if you would like, because the more of one means the lesser of the others.

It’s a build that has potential :slight_smile:


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Appreciate it, i’ll make sure to turn down the neon a bit.

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Looks really great gives me the futuristic vibe. :+1: Keep it up!

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The showcase is pretty nice!
To let the border game stick out better, try experimenting with the environment and its elements, but eventually just decrease the transparency of the neon just a little!
Other than that, I’d be satisfied ^^!

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