Cosmetic Ideas?

Hey there! I am going to be releasing the beta version of my game,

very soon, and some of the alpha testers who are playing my game, are getting just about all the cosmetics very quickly. So I need some ideas on new cosmetics I can add to my game(be it might be helpful to play it first). I already have trails, particle trails and animations, and I am thinking of adding racing sounds when players move around. For example, a low guy has someone running for a sound, a medium guy has a race car sound, and the highest guy has like a rocket sound or something.

Anyway, do you have any ideas? I would love to hear them!

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You could add auras. Things like fire, plasma, etc.

Could you elaborate on “Auras”? Like particles flying around a person?

Particles surrounding the person, so basically yes.

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Ok, hmm… that sounds cool, I can try some things.

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You could have cosmetics that act like accessories but can move like wings. Basically, just have a model on the character that is animated.

Oooooooooo ok, that sounds good!

You are using player’s default avatars, why would they buy cosmetics from you when they can buy them for cheaper on the accessory store?

I think Sparkles, Trails, or Effects. And maybe some magical powers or Magic Ball effect!


What do you mean? Besides the animations, you can’t get that stuff from the avatar shop.

Or were you talking to @Tommybridge?

Ok, yeah definitely! What do you mean by the magic ball effect?

If you are an FX Artist (or you have the skill), you can create an Animated beam magic ball effect tool (or cosmetic) that you want.


You could make them more expensive so it will take longer to unlock everything.

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Ok yes I could also definitely do that.