Costa | Alliance Handbook


Forming an Alliance
Costa Cruise Line is ecstatic about making affiliates with others to expand our community.

Alliance Requirements / Info

The following document includes information on potentially forming an affiliation with Costa Cruise Line. Please make sure to thoroughly read through the information below before completing an application.

Partnership Requirements
  • The group must have a minimum of 800 un-botted group members on Roblox and a minimum of 100 members in the discord server not counting bots.
  • The group must have an active community via both Discord and Roblox
  • The group must not sell MR+ ranks. Selling group ranks is prohibited unless approved by a Costa Cruise Line Relations Officer.
  • The group must be willing to announce Costa events.
  • The group must be willing to provide at least 2 allied representatives.
  • The group must be a business based group (Cruise Line, Cafe, Hotel, Airline, etc).
  • The group must have authentic assets in games and use few free models. Using assets that have been leaked is not permitted.
  • The group must be organized and professional.
Partnership Questions
  1. What is the name of your group? (Please include links to both the discord server and Roblox group).
  2. Please list two users that will represent in the Carnival Cruise Line discord server on behalf of your group (Roblox User and Discord name and tag).
  3. How many members does your group currently have?
  4. Give a brief overview of your group. (What is the purpose of your group? What are your goals? How would you describe your staff team? What operations does your group carry out? What makes your group unique compared to others?).
  5. Why does your group want to ally with Carnival Cruise Line?
  6. How can your group benefit Carnival Cruise Line?
  7. How can Carnival Cruise Line benefit your group?
  8. Where do you see this alliance in the future?
  9. Does your group meet all of the requirements listed under the “requirements” section above?
  10. Do you understand that this alliance may be terminated at any point, given there is a violation of affiliate guidelines?

Final Notes

In order to turn the following document in, please send the questions above via a google doc to a Relations Officer. Applications may take up to 4 days to be reviewed.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns while filling out or reviewing the document above, please contact a member of the Costa Relations Team.

Thank you for taking an interest in affiliating with Costa!