Costume Module (fetch any Roblox users saved costumes!)

Hey! This is my first contribution to the DevForum community, and I hope this can help some people. This is a simple utility module, which can be both useful/useless. This was for fun if anyone’s wondering. The module can load outfits of any Roblox user, and this is separate from what the user is currently wearing.

When you create your avatar on Roblox, you can save it as a costume right? But Roblox keeps their outfits publically available through these 2 endpoints: (outfits) (details) (docs)

This module can parse the JSON returned and create the costume specified.
I’ve done some tests, and this module can load 50 costumes in about 10 seconds.

I’ve also written full documentation on it, and how to set up parts on your website host if you don’t trust mine.

Here’s the model:
Here’s the documentation: Introduction - Avatar Module

Example on Roblox’s 1 outfit:
roblox outfit

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the replies/PMs or hit me up on discord: Toxic#2799.