Cottage House Build

5 hour build of a cottage house. Let me know your thoughts and feedback! Anything helps.



Very well made, can tell you that.

I like the textures. It’s kind of odd that one garage sticks out and the other doesn’t. If there is an interior could we see some pictures of that?

The reference house I followed had the garages like that. Looks pretty cool to me it adds some depth to the build. Also no interior was made. :^)

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I love it! Masterfully built!
But the back of the house looks a bit bland compared to the front exterior. I don’t know what to suggest that would fit the style though…perhaps overhangs over the back doors?

Yeah I see what you mean, I’m not sure what to put there either to give it more detail. I’ll look up some overhangs.

It honestly, looks good, though, I’d like to suggest some minor details to your build, maybe add a chimney for one on-top of the roof of the house, secondly, may I suggest you change the colors of the window to light blue rather than plain gray, to make it look more pleasing for it’s appearance.

Overall, it honestly, looks like a decent American cottage, and really fitting to be placed in a neighborhood-type of game.


Suggestion for the back of the house. The top right 2 windows could have a balcony. And there would be a door that lets you go to that balcony on the second floor. On the bottom right 2 windows. There could be a staircase leading up to the balcony. Under the balcony next to the stairs, where the balcony would be on top of. There could be a little table area with chairs. For the left side of back idk what to put lol. Can’t provide any images though sorry.


That’s really nice. I’d like to see some inside house screenshots, but if you don’t have them, it’s okay.

These house look very good! The design looks very modern, they look just like the houses from the country side. It has a very clean design too. For the second house, it seems to lack a bit of some details. I suggest maybe adding pipes/pipe lines, air conditioners, plants, underground hatch, or what ever you would like. Overall, very good!

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Looks very plain on the back. I suggest more detail there.

The back is quite bland, you can add some pillars to the sides and the middle, maybe you can a add drain pipe either sides of the house, in the first picture there should be a window on the wall over the left door, in my opinion you should add a chimney to make it look a bit nicer, sorry if I sound a annoying but it looks more like a suburban house than a cottage to me
Overall it looks nice. keep up with the good work :+1:

It looks very well made. But the back of the house is a little plain, I just feel that maybe you should add some more decorations to it so it looks better. But overall the house is pretty nice just you need to work on the back of the house.