Could developers earn USD directly through their games?

Recently my partner and I have been brainstorming ideas. We love the idea of a passive ad system, something developers can place in their games and earn money from! However, we’d like for developers to be able to earn real money (distributed through a bitcoin system) from placing ads in their game. Is this allowed?


That would probably be hazardous, but I’m sure in the future ROBLOX will find a way to execute it safely.

A script could easily steal more than asked for.

No, we’ll be tracking the analytics of a developer’s ads that they place in-game. Through our web panel, if they reach enough impressions, they’re be payed bitcoin by us according to their engagement rate. The payment only ever comes from us.

This is meant for ads. The DevEx program is for developers to transact their robux into usd. The system I’m referring to is my own, and I’m asking if it’s against the ToS to give developers bitcoin in exchange for their participation in our program.

If you need to ask the question, “Is this allowed?”, you probably shouldn’t do it.


You probably need to ask a mod or read the Roblox ToS about this, this is the first time i hear about bitcoins in this platform.

I would normally agree, but I’m only asking because I haven’t seen similar services. Because of the scale of this project, I’m extremely interested in following along with it and want to ensure that it’s in Roblox ToS.

If you have to question it, I suggest not doing it.

I’m sure Roblox will never allow developers to receive money directly, only Robux to make DevEx, why:

Ads - The trouble

It is already very clear how Roblox treats the security of its players, who mostly do not answer for themselves, so placing ads in games is a very difficult task, this would give developers the power to redirect the player to some website, and that despite there is a security system, they will always find a way to get around. This subject is still too vague to be discussed with much reason, but I believe that something like this will never be added without many requirements, which I can think of now can be:

  • Popular games
  • Ad limit per game
  • Ads made through the Roblox website

A very big problem is spam, so limiting the amount of ads per game and allowing only for popular games can make this easier, and it is complicated to deal with ads from other games in the game, discouraging players to continuing playing the game they are current in.


Now about the payment, I see no need for that. It would just be an extra cost for Roblox that is meaningless, you are earning money through Robux, as long as you remain a good boy you can do DevEx and earn your money normally, without too many problems.

Why Robux and why DevEx?

Well, it’s a simple answer: avoid money laundering through Roblox, or suspicious transactions as well.

So I’m concluding that Roblox is not yet ready for in-game ads or even paying developers directly with real money.

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I most definitely agree. I’m currently thinking about having an internal currency, which can be used to sponsor your own ads. However, I would’ve loved to do bitcoin payments.

There are already games where users can buy ads within the game to advertise their own games.

Slightly confused about the full intention of your question. From what I can understand is you’re asking if developers can make money by placing ads in their games? Well ye. There’s nothing wrong with going to someone and saying ‘can you place an ad in your game and I’ll give you x amount of robux for it’

I don’t know why you suggest bitcoin. I often associate bitcoin (or any form of crypto-currency) with black market type stuff, where you don’t want to be tracked.

What a cool topic!
I can see it possible; especially with block chain currencies.

You might find using the HTTPService as the most helpful tool in implementing your design. Of course, you’ll want this to be secure; so you’ll have to implement some authentication model to ensure the integrity between network communication.
You’ll likely have to learn contract languages; I’m not too sure how much development can be done with bitcoin, but I know at least with other block chains you can create a contract which accepts currency with a callback function. If you do this, then please please make sure you’re careful- you do not want a contract vulnerable to re-entrance attacks.
Just expect a lot of the development to be out of Roblox’s scope because they do not support the feature.

But regardless, I think this goes against the ToS; 5.A.1 ‘When you make payments for Roblox Services, you will be making payments for those items directly to us. Unless otherwise expressly stated in these Terms or unless otherwise agreed to, all payments are final and non-refundable, except as required by applicable law.’

I suggested bitcoin because that’s what me and my partner have most, it allows us easy control of payments and supports more anonymity (and security!).

Mhm, we have all of that planned out.

That’s for the ToS clarification, that’s what I needed! I’m going to be reaching out to Roblox staff to consult more on this subject with them. We’d be putting in 5k+ usd for the initial release of the project, and want to make sure everything goes smoothly.

I really wish it was But as the first guy said, someone could make a script and could possibly charge more than what is asked…

Haha alright, well best of luck! Be thoughtful about possible attack vectors, would be interesting to see the implementation for sure.

Also @ZayShepherd, The user should validate the payment off of the roblox game; the HTTPService can still be used to verify payments were made successfully. Then there payment can be worth certain views in the game based off the current market similar to the roblox web ads.

I doubt many developers would be interested in doing this, not many people use bitcoin and people will be taking a risk advertising with this system over the established roblox ad system