Could I get in trouble with Roblox for doing this?

Hello! I am here with a quick question.

Recently, I have been experimenting with the avatar importer and I thought what if there was a realistic AOT (Attack On Titan) game on Roblox.

Let’s say I made a Titan rig on Roblox and suppose I use the avatar importer to put it on Roblox.

Could I possibly be in trouble with Roblox since the Titan doesn’t have clothing? The people who watch AOT do know that they have no certain “parts” in their bodies. But still, I just wanna be extremely cautious and sure. And no, I’m not gonna publish the game.

Could I get in trouble with Roblox for doing this? I would like to know your opinions and thoughts on this. Thanks.


I think yes, you can get in trouble, as it could be against the ROBLOX ToS. I am not sure though.


I feel like if its nothing too explicit, it wouldn’t be


Simply put, if you’re questioning that it’s allowed, you probably shouldn’t do it. There have been a number of games that were TV shows/AAA games just put onto Roblox and subsequently removed, so take that into consideration.


Would I possibly be in trouble if I didn’t upload a Titan rig but instead uploaded rigs like The Armored Titan, and the Colossal (or maybe the war hammer) because they have “less” revealing and different textures than a regular Titan

(Pictures for reference)

Could I still get in trouble? There are meshes like the Colossal and Armored but I’m not sure if it’s bypassed or it just got into Roblox Moderation normally.


I thikn this would be a bit obscene and nightmarish for young children who are most likely 7 - 9 seeing this type of content (If you were 8 would you like to join a game that had a boss with no flesh?) taking in the fact that most roblox games appeal to kids i.e Super mega fun rainbow obby! (not saying it isnt for teenagers and adults) You would probably get moderated.


I’ve played numerous realistic AoT games on Roblox and they all still exist to this day. Either what you’re proposing is completely fine and allowed, or Roblox has to take all those other games down too.