Could I have a few ideas for minigames?

Hi! I’m just asking for some minigame ideas, some that have (maybe) never been seen before! Since I might make my own minigames, maybe ya’ll could help, by giving some nice ideas! Thanks to all who help! :slight_smile:

As a creator of a minigame, I would maybe add these type of rounds or minigames below!

  1. A round where players have to avoid the spinning part or else they fall into water.
  2. A escape round for players to spawn at one point and try to do some obstacles in order to get to the other side.
  3. PvP match where players have a sword to fight against until one is left standing.
  4. The last idea that I have is a spleef game where players can try to make players fall into lava.

That’s all the ideas I have, maybe find some more on other minigames! :derp:

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Nice ideas! Gives me even more ideas, like having to PVP on an obstacle course! Thank you! :+1:

Hmm, maybe a mining minigame where you are stuck inside of a box with wide walls and obstructions around it and you have to mine your way out? Maybe if you hit a player with your pick axe they would take damage :thinking: