Could I post my own Discourse website here?

So if I can I might make a website for my game for discussion, support, and more. I’ll put the link here.

Am I able to post the link here on the Developer Forum?

There is no rule against this, the only category in which I don’t think it would be considered spam tho would be #lounge:off-topic

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Discourse links are allowed. People have linked Discourse before.

Even the official Roblox account linked a Discourse when talking about posting major changes to the forum’s look.

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I think this would be advertising if you’re just showing off your discourse website, which is against the rules.

In lounge, self promotion acts such as this would generally be deemed as acceptable in my opinion, depending on roblox’s rules on discourse links you could, maybe get away with it in bulletin board.

No you couldn’t. There’s a strict whitelist to the types of links that are allowed in #bulletin-board.

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