Could not buy Premium using giftcard and got Robux instead

Today I have earned my robux in a group developmen and I wanted to create my own group but for that I of course need Premium. I bought 10$ giftcard from online site, I tried to redeem, but the website told me to go to instead in red text. I typed in the code on that page and I got 800 Robux instead of credit for Premium. I am annoyed because I need to use 10$ again on ROBLOX.

After typing in code, it says ‘received 800 robux’ or something similiar. I would like my money back, because it is a kind of scam and I must use again my 10$.

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Hi so I don’t work for Roblox but I do know the reason why. Some websites sell gift cards that are for robux. What I am guessing you did was buy one of theses instead of buying a gift card that gives you credit. Also you do not need premium to buy a group now. To get credit you need to go to one of theses websites roblox provides.

A example of a site that does this is amazon that just gives you robux not the credit.


It’s a pretty well known fact that they had gotten rid of the premium option with cards since it’s a subscription. Also, if you read whatever it’s written on online shops such as Amazon, they’ll literally have it in the description that it’s for Robux only.