Could not cancel Premium subscription, taken to outdated page

April 30th I was trying to cancel my reoccurring Premium Subscription, but when I went to do so, I was directed to a page which looked quite outdated.


I tried to further cancel it, but for some reason, it wasn’t letting me do so. I ended up stuck with reoccurring payment which I was unable to cancel (whenever I pressed cancel, it had no effect) and I wasn’t sure how to fix it. I believe this is a site error, as going further into inspecting it, it says “404: Bad Error”. Eventually my subscription automatically cancelled.

When I looked on my profile, I still had the Premium symbol and I also had the reoccurring payment in settings upon clicking. Additionally, when I asked a friend, they were redirected to a more updated version of the page.

I had 450 Robux Premium.
I have no extensions, including ad-block.
I’m using Google Chrome.
I do not have the URL to this outdated page.


How did you end up at the Cancel Subscription page? Which link did you click to get there?


Try going to this link instead.

It was directed to this page in Settings, where I was attempting to cancel it but it directed me to that page instead.

Will do, thanks! I was on that page initially, but it was still broken.