Could not open the file "" because it no longer exists

Here is how the bug happens:

  • open up
  • go to the My Creations menu
  • click the Edit button for a game
  • Roblox Studio opens
  • This screen pops up

Some extra notes

  • The places I am trying to open up are new and old, recently published and long ago published, and public and private. This happens for all my places.
  • This happens regardless of how the place is opened. For example, whether you edit a place from the My Creations menu or from the actual place menu, this still happens.
  • I am able to load the local place files, edit them, upload them, and play them as usual.
  • This bug happens whether Studio is open or closed.
  • I can’t remember how long this has been happening, but it was for at least a few months and also before I updated to Catalina.
  • I also cannot open other people’s unlocked places
  • I am able to edit, save etc as normal inside Studio
  • I have since reverted to Mojave

Let me know if you need any files.

I have gone back to Mojave

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Its probably because they are too old, or outdated. Have you tried reopening the files?

I’ve opened and re uploaded a file, it still does this. Also, it does this for other people’s unlocked places.

Maybe try redownloading them if you can.