Could not open the file "" because it no longer exists

Here is how the bug happens:

  • open up
  • go to the My Creations menu
  • click the Edit button for a game
  • Roblox Studio opens
  • This screen pops up

Some extra notes

  • The places I am trying to open up are new and old, recently published and long ago published, and public and private. This happens for all my places.
  • This happens regardless of how the place is opened. For example, whether you edit a place from the My Creations menu or from the actual place menu, this still happens.
  • I am able to load the local place files, edit them, upload them, and play them as usual.
  • This bug happens whether Studio is open or closed.
  • I can’t remember how long this has been happening, but it was for at least a few months and also before I updated to Catalina.
  • I also cannot open other people’s unlocked places
  • I am able to edit, save etc as normal inside Studio

Let me know if you need any files.


Its probably because they are too old, or outdated. Have you tried reopening the files?

I’ve opened and re uploaded a file, it still does this. Also, it does this for other people’s unlocked places.

Maybe try redownloading them if you can.

Thanks for the report! We’ve filed this internally and we’ll follow up here when we have an update for you.

Has there been an update on this?

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