"Could Not Process Mesh. Please contact.......Could not be split into X meshes....."

Put simply: Import 3 FBX files containing multiple meshes

Issue: Returns error:

No specific documentation relating as to why it does not import/split up the mesh, etc. Just on text filtering.

All it is, is a realistic tree with each mesh being under 10k tris. They are all FBX exported from blender at 0.01 scale. Just a typical import situation. However, this WAS working just fine last night on Mar. 1st, doing the exact same thing.

After the initial issue encountering, I decided to re-open studio to hopefully make it work.
This popped up first thing. Afterwards, I tried again at importing, no luck.


This is a little old thread but I’m receiving the same issues now. I noticed in the output that it said “[file] … cannot be split into 37 meshes” , which is strange because I have seen files split into more than 37 meshes.

Hopefully there’s some clarification or a work-around!

Edit: Uploading each part of the mesh individually works instead of uploading the .fbx and having roblox split it up.