Could not save Shirt id in game settings?

So I’m working on an SCP game and i found this class d Shirt id and i tried putting it as the standard shirt when you join the game. But when i save it this pops up in the output

Failed builtin_GameSettings.rbxm.GameSettings.Pages.AvatarPage.Controllers.UniverseAvatarController:412: HttpResponse = { responseTimeMs : 301.31053924560547, responseCode : 400, responseBody : { errors : table: 0xfc093fc990be00d9 }, requestOptions : { Headers : table: 0x95a6874bf819f459, Url :, Method : PATCH, Body : {"universeAvatarAssetOverrides":[{"assetTypeID":18,"assetID":0,"isPlayerChoice":true},{"assetTypeID":17,"assetID":0,"isPlayerChoice":true},{"assetTypeID":27,"assetID":0,"isPlayerChoice":true},{"assetTypeID":29,"assetID":0,"isPlayerChoice":true},{"assetTypeID":28,"assetID":0,"isPlayerChoice":true},{"assetTypeID":30,"assetID":0,"isPlayerChoice":true},{"assetTypeID":31,"assetID":0,"isPlayerChoice":true},{"assetTypeID":11,"assetID":329020221,"isPlayerChoice":false},{"assetTypeID":12,"assetID":0,"isPlayerChoice":true},{"assetTypeID":2,"assetID":0,"isPlayerChoice":true}]} } }
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Hmmm. It appears something’s wrong with a script that you may have used.

What do you mean? I am using the regular game settings?

Yeah It could be that it depends on what you did.

I simply just put in the id and turned the shirt id on and hit save