Could Roblox not accept icon because of Saying "Players"?

this question might be idiot question

Could Roblox dont accept my Game Icon Because i said Players instead of People

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If I understand Roblox correctly;

No, Roblox will accept your icon. Don’t expect a warning.
Even by the names too

i just made a icon says players and they didnt accept it, after i made it says People they accepted it

No, saying players should be perfectly fine on your logos. Just try to avoid inappropriate topics or rude words and phrases. Also if there’s text on your logo make sure that it’s legible, they may be declining your logo because there is text that they cannot easily make out.

I don’t think so haha, :sweat_smile: ​​roblox should actually accept your icon.

Try changing a single pixel on your game icon to a slightly different color and then upload it again.