Could somebody explain glue to me?

More specifically, the F0, F1, F2, and F3 properties. The wiki is kinda confusing.

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I think they’re the corners of the brick. If you want a working demo, take HotThoth’s glue testing

C1 and C0 define how P0 and P1 are connected to some central point of a weld. For Glue, we’ve got that, and also these F values. The F values indicate points that are offset by some Vector3 from that central point (in that point’s object-space coordinates). For each of the F values, imagine that the Glue has two handles, one welded to P0 and one welded to P1, and both offset from those parts as defined by C_ and the F_ value. The Glue attempts to keep these two handles together.

If you want a rigid Glue, you’d use these four points to define coplanar points. However, you can also be a bit more creative and make different types of joints with Glue. If all the F values are the same, you’ve got a ball and socket joint about that point. If the values are collinear, you’ve got a hinge along that line.

I hope this sort of helps.

Edit: Not entirely sure, but I may be missing something. The wiki does mention that no F value should ever use the Z axis, and I’ve got no idea what that’s about. There may be something about all the points needing to be coplanar or something. However, so far I’ve been able to use Glue by thinking about them in this way. It may take some fiddling and experimentation, but I’m pretty sure this is at least the general idea.


Isnt it then possible to make some sort of suspension out of them like olioe struts on an aircraft?

Maybe. They are a bit givey. You may run into issues with physics just being bad, or the glue breaking when under too much pressure. But totally give it a a try and let us know!

i swer it wasnt me!!1!!

This doesn’t seem to be accurate in my testing…


My central point is between these two points (I know it is because I set C0 and C1 manually in the command bar), and my F values are:


However, look at this (it’s a very heavy car, don’t judge):

The F… values seem to be relative to Part1! Because when I set all the Y values to half of Part1’s height…

I think Glue was deprecated last year. It’s not recommended that you use it for new projects.

That doesn’t mean information on it shouldn’t be available. Nothing else in Roblox’s engine offers what Glue does.

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