Could We Be Allowed To Lock Topics? Priority: Low

Hi! I wanted to ask if we could be able to lock topics because sometimes, you just have a DevLog, and you don’t want people replying, or you wanted feedback on your game and you want to lock the topic, i k wow agg you are gonna say, first: “You can flag your own topic” no, becaus that will not allow anybody to reply, not even the owner, and will also unlist the topic, which is something people don’t want in thsi use case, and “Wiat for the 14 days to lock the topic” same problem as before, and also this will not stop people from keep replying and make the 14 days cool-down never end

If we could have this feature, thsi would help some Devs, because of what stated above



This is achievable using Bulletin Board. Make sure to read the rules for this category before creating a post!


Yes okay, but I think there’s also another use case, currently there’s a topic, (to find it search: We Need More Report Options) and as you can see, it has the solution, but the conversation is still going, and what I first thought was to lock it, but I can’t without Leo unlist king it

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You can ask members of the forum to message you using the sites built-in messaging system if you want to continue a conversation outside of a post. Perfect for asking for feedback!