Could you guys checkout my game, Underrated Game Finder?

Pretty much you just find and play Underrated Games.

If you have any suggestions, games you want added, etc, please just lmk as I really want to see more and more growth on this game. I do have tons of updates planned, but ones I haven’t already thought of would be extremely thankful.

link: :star2: Underrated Game Finder - Roblox

(It’s free to play now)


May you please get rid of the paywall?


It’s just 25R$, and I plan on using the funds to support development.


Can you include screenshots/videos so we can actually see the game?

Why advertise to play your game here then put a price to play it.

That’s fair, and I realize how it’s somewhat disrespectful to do that.

It’s free to play now btw. Go nuts in it lol


It’s a nice concept. I don’t fully understand why though. It promotes people leaving the game!

I saw your reddit and devforum post so I decided to check it out.

First of all, props to your for making the game free. But the game needs work.

Your UI design as seen in the game has quite a few problems. It’s boring and boxy. I’d recommend adding a non-static background (moving) to make it look better.

The UI is also very messy. You have a title, centered which is ok. But the labels showcasing the genre of the game are in weird positions. They should be aligned with the left of the scroll frame. I would also recommend making the UI a bit more compact. There is quite a big of empty space between game genres.


Also in the screenshot, you will see that at the top you can see through the gui. Screengui’s have a property (IgnoreGuiInset) which fixes this problem.

You have a logo for your game, it’s used in the thumbnail, why not use it in game. Instead of having a boring TextLabel, replace it with the game logo.

Your UI scales okay, but it can cut off game icons somtimes. To fix this use scale instead of offset in your UI. To make the icons square, you can use a UIAspectRatioConstraint.

Your scrolling frames do not fit the game icons and span way too far. Use AutomaticCanvasSize to fix this issue.

I also encountered an error when playing your game, you can zoom into your camera and it locks you into first person meaning you cannot move your mouse. To fix this, change the CameraMinZoomDistance in StarterPlayerr.

The final critique is more personal opinion and preference than anything. But having the game title at the top of the game icon can look weird sometimes. As the normal icon can overlap the original icon. Try moving the name of the game below the icon itself, as roblox does.


As for the game itself, it could be cool if developers could message you to add their own games, if you liked them enough. Making a discord would help with that.

I like your game concept, it just needs polish. If you have any other questions or anything, feel free to reply to this post.

Everything you just said *will be fixed in the game, and I thank you plenty for all of these tips, as they mean a lot. And the discord is in the description of the game