CounciIIor | Summarised Background Data



CounciIIor's SCPF

Early 2021 - Incumbent,
The Administrator
O5 Council, Special Intelligence Branch
O5 Council, Journal and Documentation Team
Manufacturing Department, Senior Developer

Administrat0r_J's SCPF

Late 2021 - Incumbent,
Overwatch Committee, O5-4
Mobile Task Forces, Overseer
Scientific Department, Overseer


Crazycatwastaken's SCPF

Early 2020 - Middle 2020,
Manufacturing Department, Site Director

Administrat0r_J's SCPF

Middle 2019 - Late 2019
Department of External Affairs, External Affairs Chairman
Manufacturing Department, Technical Site Director
(Anti-Corruption Agency,) Order of The Red Moon, Coordinator

Late 2021 - Early 2022
Department of External Affairs, Intern
Security Department, Security Chief

Administrator_Mr's / B_earded's SCPF

Early 2018 - Late 2018,
Medical Department, Nurse
Security Department, Trainee

Middle 2019 - Late 2019,
Security Department, Guard

(Group now owned by B_earded)
Early 2022 - Middle 2022
Mobile Task Forces, Alpha-1 Elite
Mobile Task Forces, Sigma-9 Elite
Mobile Task Forces, Featured Operative

flipper5671's SCPF

Early 2019 - Middle 2020,
Security Department, Cadet
Mobile Task Forces, Alpha-1 Elite Sergeant
Ethics Committee, Junior Committee Member
Intelligence Agency, Undercover Agent
O5 Council, Board of Council
Manufacturing Department, Auxiliary Developer

Administrator_Y's SCPF

Early 2019 - Middle 2019,
Security Department, Captain

R0Bl0cksian's SCPF

Early 2019 - Late 2019,
O5 Council, Manufacturing Department
O5 Council, Internal Security Department
O5 Council, Council Head
O5 Council, Ethics Committee / Domestic Security Agency

Early 2020 - Middle 2020,
O5 Council, Internal Security Department
O5 Council, Intelligence Agency

PrizaPizza624's SCPF

Early 2019 - Middle 2019,
O5 Council, Manufacturing Department

Loxris' TOC

Middle 2019 - Late 2019,
Medium Command, Medico
Security Unit, Junior Officer

rolex_Trademark's CI

Middle 2019 - Late 2019,
Fort Constructor
Medium Command, Commanding Insurgent

MrRobgads' Exploration Inc

Late 2018 - Middle 2020,
Elected Supervisor
Research Team
Military Forces
Specialised Military Forces

Einerus' / Reinerus' CI

Early 2019,
Junior Insurgent

Middle 2021 - Late 2021,
Advanced Insurgent
Merkuriy Specialist Unit, Operator

RealyConfus1on's SCPF

Late 2021 - Middle 2022,
Office of the Overwatch Cardinal, Executive Staff


My Groups

Decommissioned SCPF as of 2019
Decommissioned SCPF as of 2020
Abandoned GoI Investigations as of 2021

Last edit: 13th November 2022