Countdown to a Certain Day

I want to make a Countdown to a day, like say I want to have a 24 hours countdown to the next day for an update or else for something else.
I have seen this kind of Countdown
And want to have a GUI which also has an easy script with a countdown that is across servers. It does not have to be too accurate.

It would be nice you someone can either make a model or send me the script, I have tried to look for countdowns but they aren’t synced.


This post may help you out:

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Use os.time with the date dictionary argument to get the number of seconds against a specific date, then use os.time without it to get the current number of seconds. Subtract the latter from the former and then format it into a timestamp as needed.


Maybe finding the countdown part can be achieved using and subtracting the end date from the current date, so something like this: (barbones, you have to add on to it)

( Edit: just noticed, this is essentially what the above replies are saying)

local day = 27
while true do
  local date =
local CurrentDay =

local Diff = Math.abs(  day- CurrentDay )---CountDown for day