Counter Blox Update - Jan 29th, 2023


  • BHopping
  • New radar, the radar also now rotates relative to your camera
  • Operative voice lines
  • New scoreboard
  • New stock knives for CT & T
  • de_season
  • Lighting to de_ vertigo & seaside
  • New bullet trails
  • Random audio pitch for pistols and automatics
  • Alive counter for each team in casual, skull counting no longer required


  • Movement acceleration
  • Spray patterns for all weapons (complete re-work)
  • Jumping and landing inaccuracies
  • Melee hit detection
  • Grenade physics
  • Weapon and grenade sounds
  • Weapon audio playback; less audio peaking, consistent stereo channel
  • The way the game stores and processes sounds, resulting in less memory used
  • Client code optimizations
  • Local muzzle flash and impact particles will now appear on all graphic settings
  • Round timer reduced to 1 minute and 45 seconds
  • Aimpunch tweaks
  • Game logo


  • Gamepad selector being enabled on keyboard
  • Bullets colliding with teammates, specifically the point where the C4 is attached to the back of a character
  • Weapon duplication
  • Various bugs with skins applying to weapons
  • Map Voting
  • Kill Cam
  • Spectating freecam
  • Game availability issues with Netherlands, Belgium, and South Korea