Course Adventures Feedback

Hello everyone! I would like some feedback from my newly released game, Course Adventures.

Here is a little synopsis of my game. In this game, the player collects coins to unlock courses. These courses are like obbies. On each course, there is a timer. Depending on the time a player gets depends on what type of star a player gets in there score panel. There are 4 types of stars, bronze, silver, gold, and insane. I have been working on this game for over a year.

You can find the game Here: Course Adventures Beta - Roblox

Have a good day!


Hey Reading The Whole Post Makes Me Think This Would Be A Good Game [ sorry i cant play it now ] but it would be cool if u add like badges when i get insane i get a badge it would be cool but for now amazing!

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Thanks, I also have already added badges.

Your game is amazing! The detail of the maps look really nice and the game is fun! I like how the levels are timed so you can race with your friends.

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It’s quite fun. There are a few quality of life improvements that could change, and bugs that could be fixed. But, the game is quite fun. I like searching for secrets, I’m surprised at how much I missed. Maps look amazing. It’s a game I’d love to finish all the way to the end.

The QOL improvements:

  • Different animation packages have different movement capabilities, I’d recommend making jumps universally possible. Maybe even forcing R6 might be a good idea.

  • Buttons should activate on touch rather then click, to not ruin the “speedrun flow”.

  • More impact feedback would be nice (particle, sound, and visual effects) on coin pickups, or crossing the finish line.

Bugs I’ve noticed:

  • The cave teleport doesn’t seem to work

  • The jump boost thing launches you into a kill brick every time in the desert.

  • There was one case where I couldn’t pick up a gem, I went back and was able to pick it up after re-logging.

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Thanks for your feedback! The jump boost in the desert should be fixed, and the cave teleporter is a roblox engine problem.

Although I am not sure what the gem problem is, I will look into it.

In the cave course, the buttons are activated by touch. However, I should make the touching buttons be on the earlier maps, and the clickers on the later ones.

@MarvelousMatty I’m glad you liked it, thanks for your feedback!

The gem issue is resolved. There was a weird bug where if you collect 2 gems at the same time, then it would only count as one gem. I also found a scores bug where gold and insane stars would not be awarded. The jump booster works, and so does the cave teleporter. Let me know if it still does not work, or if there any other bugs.