Courtroom ideas

Hello Developers,

I wanted to ask you to give me suggestions, tips and advice for a courtroom I am building to showcase in my portfolio.

I am focusing on the following questions:

  • What is necessary in a courtroom or how do you imagine yourself a typical courtroom?

  • What can you build and add as decoration into that courtroom?

  • What about the material, possible textures?

  • And the aesthetics of a courtroom.

I have got a plan for it, yet I wanna hear the forums out.


I recommend just searching “courtroom” into Google Images. You will be presented with a handful of concepts that you can use for your build. They tend to be fairly wooden and traditionally themed.

Good luck with your build.


Going off what has been said above; when creating sorting items it’s always good to use images for getting those ideas for a courtroom. It’s always good to use reference images that way it’ll show you what details to implement and things it features - it’ll act as a sort of guide, when recreating a courtroom. You could even view ones around your specific location to get the design and layout correct.

The decorations should be based on the style and theme you’re going for most courtrooms normally just feature chandeliers and statues attached to the wall structure. The material choice could be thrown in sorting parts of the buildings; courtrooms kind of have a wooden light or dark texture, the material scheme could be related to the style or theme your courtroom is set in.

Finding materials, color pallets or sorting decorations, or a layout. Try gathering a few reference images to get some general ideas on what objects are needed, and what makes a courtroom unique in a kind of way.

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Hi! Interior Designer here who might be of some help.

To start off, with the general appearance of a court room,

  • The color palettes of court rooms are very standardized, it will always be a natural stained wood (usually oak) with very neutral colors such as white, and yellow.
  • You are allowed to have fun with the color of the cushions on seating, but it can’t be anything that will draw attention to the eye
  • Flooring is typically just solid concrete, but you can get creative as long as its a smooth surface (no carpet), as long as the design of the floor isnt anything that will draw attention to the eyes.
  • No decoration in the room at all. The most fun you are allowed to have is a nicer looking chandelier and a flag. Remember: court rooms are places of serious business that sometimes harbor very dangerous induvials who might make anything into a weapon.

I would consider a court room aesthetic to be very standardized, very wood heavy, and mostly just boring. The most interest that comes into court rooms appearance wise would be the wood paneling on the walls. A quick image search can easily show you what I mean by that. Also I quite enjoy the look of the “fake pillars” that are commonly in court rooms. You are also allowed to make other parts of the room such as the ceiling or door frames match the style of the wood paneling around the room. it just cant be anything very elaborate.

Now onto the long list of items a court room has to have. I made this as much of a TLDR to not overwhelm you.

  • There are three doors in a court room. One is the main entrance that is a double door in the back of the court room that acts as the main entrance for public viewing. The other two are single doors on either side of the judges seat. One is a non-public entrance that is used for the judge, jury, defendants, etc. The last one is an egress door (fire exit), this door should not directly lead outside as anyone being prosecuted may make a run for it.
  • There has to be public viewing seating, normally its around 4 rows or more with a short fence in front to separate the non public area of the room, sometimes there’s a gate as well, but its not necessary.
  • Jury seating sits 12 people, it is on the side of the room and can either be raised similar to the judges seat or like how the public seating is. But it must be closed off with either a half wall or a short fence. It’s fully up to you to decide how you want this to look.
  • Opposite to the jury seating will be a bunch of other chairs for important members of court that have no active role in the case proceedings, such as court clerks, translators, and scribes. These seats will be on the side and can be similar to how the jury is seated, but in a slightly more casual fashion. There will also be a seating spot that has space for a computer or two (for the court clerks and scribes)
  • Before the judges seat there are 2 tables and chairs, for the prosecuting and defending.
  • Between those two tables is a stand, for a lawyer to place paperwork while doing his lawyer things.
  • The judges stand is directly in the middle of the room against the wall up about 2 or 3 feet off the floor. This height allows the judge to see everyone in the room clearly so they can properly control the court room.
  • Attached to the judges stand is the questioning booth, it is on the floor level
  • Lastly, there needs to be plenty of room for security to stand off to the side. Some high level cases there might be up to 5 guards standing directly beside clients.

I hope I didn’t forget anything major, and that this was easy for you to understand.
Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns.
Happy building!


Great references to use while making it! -


Courtrooms include -

  • Pews
  • The flag or seal of your country
  • Judge’s podium
  • Plantiff and defendant podiums
  • The jury area

These are the basic things that a courtroom includes. This does not include everything, but I hope it helps!

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Hello @eloppl,

I highly appreciate this comment of yours, and checked it as soon as I started working on the courtroom again.

Thank you very much for spending a lot of time and effort in your comments and posts.

I decided to mark it as a solution due to me liking the post a lot, even though there aren’t really any solutions on suggestions and own opinions.


Sorry, lol. I ended up going on a rant without even meaning to. And I didn’t provide and suggestions on appearance as court rooms are so standardized. The only real time that there is any variety is if its a court room made around 100 years ago or more.

If you want you are more than welcome to add me on discord, and I will be happy to provide ideas and help you out with other things such as floor plans. Katherine#4236

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