Courtroom Simulator [GAME FEEDBACK]

Hi everyone! I have made a about being inside of a courtroom and roleplaying in it, I wanted to show it to others and ask for feedback on the game; and what should be changed or added. Thank you!

Game Link:


The concept and most of the execution of the game is pretty good, and the map/room is made well (there are a few issues, clipping, some stairs and some other thing was flashing due to 2 parts being in the same spot, an easy fix)
For what I think you should add to the game, prob should make chat bubbles larger then normal, as it will make it easier to read someone’s message from far away.

Another thing, maybe adding a way for people to be set as a specific “role” in the courtroom, ex 1 person could claim a spot as a judge, making a way for people to have assigned roles could be a good thing

Another, you have a few donation gamepasses which is fine- but I think you should make them dev products instead, as maybe on 2 seperate times someone wanted to donate 100 (also you may want to make them 80, 400, 800 cause its how much you can buy Robux in those amounts), anyways, if someone wanted to donate 100 2 seperate times, they would need to delete the gamepass and buy it again, which can be made better by making it a dev product.

And as for any game, more features/updates and improving existing things is always a good idea.

And there is this lighting bug with the game I took a screenshot of that looks weird

lighting bug

lighting bug screenshot


the game design looks good, but i think that the vending machines can be a problem, they are all buggy, the items are anchored, if your r15 avatar be to big you can grab the items inside the machine and start to fly or even teleport because the items are actually anchored, also they dont look really good with the map, without this the game has a nice design