Couuuld we please revert the recent thumbnail display change?

This is probably a bit silly to ask. Thumbnails used to be viewed with a slide-left animation. Clicking for the next thumbnail would allow for the next thumbnail to slide in. This was awesome for fancy thumbnails that could connect. Like this. It really made the page feel panoramic.

Now thumbnails simply fade to the next thumbnail, kind of defeating this trick. I know I’m not the only one doing this either with thumbnails.



I don’t get why (and i’m not challenging anyone’s logic over at Roblox HQ but) Roblox doesn’t just make options for things like these. I actually like both transitions, so I think that there ought to be a choice so developers can pick what transition they think suits their game page best.


The reason for no options is for consistency, you wouldn’t like Google if it had the layout of search results changed to 2 column depending on what you search.

I don’t mean “Roblox automatically changes transitions to fit your game”, I mean literally give us an option to change the thumbnail transition in our game settings. I can tell that some people, such as asimov, are unhappy with the dissolve transition over the push transition, so we should just get a choice as to what we’d like our game to use.

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I think you misinterpreted what I meant.
By searching a game, you get a result on roblox. Sometimes that game page will be dissolve and sometimes the thumbnail will be sliding. Makes for an inconsistent experience for the end user.

Honestly, I much prefer the new transitions and there will be plenty of others who agree. It’s a subjective opinion and you can’t make changes based on that unless you’re the person pulling the strings.

I genuinely believe that panoramas alone are not a good enough reason to revert this.

I like the old ones better too. Gave a nice slideshow feel to it.


Steam does fading and it looks pretty good.
The fade effect can still make a multi frame effect by having a constant HUD on all of your images.

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What happened to this? Can it please be reverted?

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