Covering GUI full screen

I’m having problems covering the whole screen with GUI.
My monitor is giant and when I’m using 1,0,1,0 it’s still doesn’t fit. :confused:
Can someone help me?

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Do you mean a little gap at the top isn’t fully filled?

No not that. When I’m publishing the game and then playing it. It’s looks not filled, like there is much space at: right side, left side, bottom, all corners and top.
It’s just becomes smaller.

I think the issue might be having IgnoreGuilnset disabled. Enable it to cover the entire screen, and if you are not already, use a ScreenGUI.

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Your studio scaling for the GUI won’t be the same for every device.

For example if you had a 40x40 Gui others screens might have less.

If you want to be constant in every screen This Plugin might help.

Let me try really quick. I hope it’s works.

Another issue could be using offset instead of scale, make sure your UI scale looking like 1,0,1,0.

I am using 1,0,1,0. I told you already.

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You could move the GUI up and just make then size universal the screen and filling the screen