Covette Public Handbook

Covette is an upcoming clothing group on Roblox that aims to create high-quality clothing for everyone to enjoy. Our staff team strives to provide customers with the best experience possible. Located on this handbook are various pieces of information and resources that you may need.

Important Links

:wilted_flower: Important Links

Roblox Group


Communications Server
Found in the Social Links of the group page.

Alliance Handbook

Rank Information

:wilted_flower: Rank Information

Below you will find descriptions for all of the staff positions at Covette.

Store Assistant [25]

Store Assistants hold the first MR rank at Covette. Their duties typically include hosting and attending shifts, as well as assisting customers.

Store Supervisor [20]

Store Managers are more experienced Middle Ranks who attend and host shifts at the homestore, often with minigames.

Store Manager [15]

Store Managers hold the final MR rank at Covette. They host and attend shifts at the homestore and are held to higher requirements than lower ranks.

Executive Board [9]

Members of the Executive board hold the first High Rank at Covette. They work in one specialized department (Relations, Staffing, Marketing) to complete tasks and overall improve Covette as a whole.

Executive Director [3]

Executive Directors make up the final high rank. They lead their respective department and are responsible for the overall productivity of it. Executive Directors also direct trials for the department they lead.

Presidential Board [3]

The Presidential Board oversees Covette’s departments and plans developmental changes, including collection releases and homestore updates.

Owner [1]

The Owner of Covette is the group’s founder and works with the Presidential Board to manage the group as needed.

Hiring Information

:wilted_flower: Hiring Information

Below, you will find information on how to start your career at Covette.

MR Applications

MR Applications are found in Covette’s Discord server and give you the opportunity to apply to become a Middle Rank. Should you pass, you will be guided along a brief internship as a Store Intern, then ranked to Store Assistant if you pass the internship.

HR Resumes

HR Resumes are a rare opportunity for community and staff members to present their past experiences with the expectation of joining the Executive Board of Covette. HR resumes are usually only opened to Middle Ranks, but Senior Ranks may agree to hire HRs externally if necessary.