Cozy Cabin (Scene)

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That’s so beautiful. I love it! Keep up the awesome work!

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I think he meant the whole scene

I love every single part of this, it really does feel cozy hehe

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I really love the aestheticness of your creations, and it’s unique. I think this is not made in Blender, nor Roblox studio. You used some Third Party Software, I believe. Overall, love it. :heart:

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Blender is a third party software.

Anyway, the renders do emit a cozy feeling with the winter theme and cabin.

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I know that Blender and other modeling softwares are Third Party Softwares.

I used blender to render the image but i also used photoshop to add fog and motion blur to the snow.

This is extremely beautiful. I wish I was actually in the photo. It looks calm there lol.

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Looks incredible!
Keep up the great work!

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