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Car Parking Level 7

Car Parking Level 7 is a place situated in the middle of Belgium, offering 7 floors of parking spaces. CPL7 offers disabled parking along with lifts on both sides for easy access. The metro offers a connection with other places of the CPL World. The parking rate is 1 € per 1 minute of stay, being very cheap for long stays or roleplays.

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Update Log

Changelog for 09/22/2023 (CPL7)
  • Return of the Ticket Machine system, better than ever!
  • More elevators now run on the Cortex elevator engine
  • New swing doors, including new automatic ones
  • Sector A elevator lobby has been redone
  • Sector B entrance lobby has been renovated
  • Main lobby has been redesigned from the ground up
Changelog for 09/04/2023 (CPL7)
  • Secondary Lift (formally an Orona) has been modernised into a Kone
  • Note this lift now runs on the mercor(R) controller
  • Main lifts have received a fixture replacement (now KSS140)
  • Note these lifts now run on the Cortex controller
  • Main lifts now have a new voice
  • Improved design of Entrance D staircase
Car Parking Groenplaats

This experience is closed, no information is available at the current moment.

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  6. Your car must be used as a car, do not use it to block other people or disrupt a queue line.
  7. Your roblox character also can not block roads or queues.
  8. If you are not staff, don’t act like it.
  9. If you see a moderator confronting someone, keep playing normally, no need to jump right near the scene.
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Vehicle models were made by the Roblox community, not by us. This also includes most of the elevators you can find in our experiences. All credits go to their respective developers and teams.

Last updated 09/17/2023