Crackling when using PitchShiftSoundEffect

What are you attempting to achieve?

I am trying to shift the pitch of a sound using a PitchShiftSoundEffect.

What is the issue?

When any PitchShiftSoundEffect is enabled, it causes loud crackling.

Warning: LOUD
If you choose to play the video, switch to your lowest volume before playing, and do not wear headphones. I take no responsibility for any damage the audio may cause.

In order to reproduce it,

  • I have to be in Play Solo,
  • the effect object has to be enabled before entering.
  • and I have to get lucky and catch the crackling before all the audio cuts out (which also occurs if the effect is left enabled).
  • For the reproduction, I enabled and disabled the effect twice.
  • The sound is coming from the floating Head. The hamburger also plays audio, but its effects have been disabled and its volume has been set to 0.

What solutions have you tried so far? (Have you searched for solutions through the Roblox Wiki yet?)

  • Disabling all other sounds effects.
  • Stopped all other sounds from playing.
  • Restarted Studio.
  • Disabled all system reverb.
  • Disabled Roblox’s reverb.
  • Monitored system CPU and RAM usage for potentially high usage.

You may then include any further details.

I don’t have any other audio bugs that I have found from other games or applications.
I am currently participating in a competition, so I did not have enough time to create a separate reproduction file (I’ll be sure to create one after the competition). If any of the staff want the place in the video, I’d be happy to share it.
I doubt this would make a difference, but I use a fairly high sample rate and bit depth (24 bit, 480000 Hz).

Any suggestions or alternatives are greatly appreciated!