CraftDog148 | Freelance Builder


Hello! My name is CraftDog148, or better known as Craft. I have been building on ROBLOX for nearly 3 years and have owned and worked at several large groups including airlines such as Anesi, FlyKutos, and more. I am offering my service as a builder to you guys.

So what kinds of things have I created before? Let’s take a look.
First off, this is an airport I am making for one of my newly launched airlines.

Here is a rocket I made for a friend’s company.

Here is a hotel room model that I made for one of my previous groups.

So what am I charging for my services? Pay is negotiable and depends on several factors such as how advanced the model is and how long it takes to create.

I am available on weekdays only sometimes due to school, which means I am mainly available on weekends.

Contact Info:
You can contact me via messages on the DevForum.
You can contact me via discord at Prisque#0299
You can follow me to message me on ROBLOX.

Note: You will get the fastest response time if you contact me through discord.



Are you the next Elon Musk? Amazing creations!


Haha. I’m not the next Elon Musk, though that would be pretty cool. :joy: Thanks for the comment!


To detail more what I think about your creations, You’re airport look incredible, A really nice precision on the details of the road in particular and the building in overall. For the rocket it also look great but you could add more details such as a bit more of color, or else. There is only the hotel room that could be more detailed like the bed look a bit empty, the plant too simple, that some details you could imporve. But in overall your creations are great.:+1:


Awesome rocket ship Talented :wink: nice


Hi there.

How would you describe your small items ability? Some of your larger projects don’t scream at me like some of that caravan/small home items.


My ability to make small items is a lot better than my larger ones. For example, I feel as if I am better with designing interior stuff than exterior stuff. That hotel room project took me a long time to make, about a week and I spent a long time making sure I got everything right in terms of detail. So, I would say I am better at designing smaller items. Thank you for the comment!


Thank you! :smile:


Thank you for your comment jordon!


Thank you for your reply. It’s given me a great insight into your work.


In my opinion those creations look good, the rockets look awesome but maybe you can “give them more life” by adding colors to them.
I think that you should try to improve on creating houses. They do not look that good. Let me give you some suggestions (based off my opinion I am not even a builder or a modeler).

So here the room looks kinda too blocky, also the same wood color and material is getting used over and over again and it is kind of annoying for the eyes. Have you tried using wood textures? It should look nicer for what you are trying to achieve.

Same thing again here, try using textures for the wood and the sinks look really blocky so you might want to use cylinders this time.

So here I see some mistakes, first of all the room number close to the door doesn’t look that good, perhaps try changing the font and the text put on the white part seems weird and unrealistic. Firstly secondly try using another terrain material at the place underneath the building so it looks more realistic. The stairs are kinda too small don’t you think? And something which I do not understand is that why is there a wall behind that window? Also try using different wood textures when making a house.

So these were just my opinions on your work! I might be wrong, I might be right I am not a specialist to judge your work, I am not even a builder or a modeler but these were my suggestions to tell you what I thought that was off in your buildings to help you improve :grinning:! I wish you luck and all the bests in your career as a builder.


Thanks for the tips! Yes, there are several things I could have improved on when creating this. (KEEP IN MIND: I made this hotel about a year ago, and have improved a lot as a builder since then). The thing that needs improved the most IMO, was the floor for sure. I am just not a fan of the ROBLOX fabric/carpet material. If I were to do the project again, I would create custom textures for the floors. For the ground, I would like you to know the ground is actually just a baseplate. I took these pictures on my showcase game which you can check out here. The wall you are seeing behind the window is this hallway wall.

(The door on the right leads to the bedroom, and the door straight ahead leads to the bathroom). Also not shown in those pictures is the living room and back porch which could also use major improvement.
I hope this cleared up some of the confusion! Thanks for your comment!


No problem and actually the house looks way better in-game! The airplane tho looks really good!


Thank you.


I have to agree, those road details are really well done!