Crafting Simulator Sponsorship help!

Hey there! Iโ€™m BloxVurse, Owner of Invicta Studios and the main developer of Crafting Simulator.

I have created this forum post to ask for help in terms of Sponsorships/Ads and what would work best for me etc. My BUDGET is 99k robux.

Here are some images of the game:

These are only a fraction of what the actual game itself has to offer.
We would very much appreciate if you check our game out also and give us feedback:

However the main purpose of this is assistance in terms of how much should I spend on first day as we do intend on releasing today!
Any feedback is much appreciated!

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If we were to do any advertisement this is what it would look like ^

Still on same page as you trying to figure out how it works, but a tip is that you first need to experiment with low amount of robux to figure out which ad/sponsor is the best for you. After that, you may spend your budget on the best ad/sponsor (Iโ€™m not sure whatโ€™s a good price as I said). Hopefully that helped though. Good luck.

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Thanks for the advice, I shall take that on board. ^^

Gameplay / first impression feedback is greatly appreciated!