Crash and Bernstein Hat (Concept and just for fun)

Hello, I am no UGC Designer or mesh modeler or anything, but I came up with a funny UGC concept hat based on the 2012 Crash and Bernstein Event. If you wonder why the player’s avatar eyes are in the mouth, that is how I designed and wanted it so it looked like one of those hats you would see someone wearing as a joke. This was just made for practicing my understanding and if you want the model here it is CrashHat.rbxm (16.6 KB)

Note: I didn’t use the accessory thing instead I just used the hat thing but I will make one with accessories


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not bad but maybe try adding a bit less of a reference to the game so you don’t get copyrighted.

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I honestly don’t think Disney cares and this won’t be for anything really. I don’t think Disney would care because Crash and Bernstein was one of their worst shows on their Disney XD TV Network.

Still they could fine you. Disney protects all of thier shows even the bad ones.

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Yes, they probably will. However, that was used for testing and won’t be used as an actual ugc Item, it also won’t be used for anything else as well. I don’t need to worry. And besides, I have a whole game devoted to Crash as a giant joke and it isn’t taken down.