Crash on Launching Roblox Studio

Each time I attempt to open Roblox Studio on my computer, it crashes immediately. This issue persists even after trying the common troubleshooting step of reinstalling Roblox Studio.

Visual Aids:

Roblox Studio Version: 0.618, 0.6180546


Turn on Event Viewer and check.

You need to click on the Applications tab.

Click on each event with an error message displayed. If it is a program related to Roblox Studio, there is a lot of error information there. Please contact customer service based on this information.


Yes, I see 2 errors there that are related to Roblox Sudio
Thank you

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I also have a Roblox Studio crashing problem that has just started to occur as well but Roblox Studio allows me into the game. However, it crashes every time I try to play test. It did an update just before this issue started.

Sorry. Ignore my post. It’s unrelated. Uninstalling and reinstalling fixed my issue

Hi @RodionPro100,

Sorry to hear Studio is crashing… Can you please attach or DM us the Studio logs so we can better see what’s going on?

Thank you!

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Do you have any additional information about other changes to the machine? New drivers, new programs installed? Are there any programs installed that may hook into rendering calls?

No, I didn’t install anything.

At the moment, the problem has been resolved by completely reinstalling the Windows operating system.

Ok, thanks. Keep an eye on what’s there, what programs are installed. We’ve found in the past that things that tend to have “hooks” into various programs (antivirus, GPU utilities) can cause issues…Certainly driver conflicts can absolutely cause this. If you get more info on this, please let us know.

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