Crash on loading big place

Whenever I join my development place for an upcoming Medieval game, I crash as my computer obviously can’t handle the huge scale of it anymore. My Macbook Pro can handle playing the game on ROBLOX, but it can’t handle it in studio.

This happens every time I join it as it’s a huge place with lots of parts. I can no longer edit it and rely on my other developers for finishing off the place.

The place:

My stats:

Can you add error logs?

@Only_EighteenChars Where can I find the error logs if it crashes on me?

Crash logs can be found in %appdata%/local/Roblox/crashlogs

For mac? Where do I search it? @Only_EighteenChars

oh god

Honestly, I’m not sure. It’ll be in your ROBLOX installation (wherever that is on a Mac)

Logs are in the directory ~[Username]/Library/Roblox/Logs on Mac


@Silent137 I don’t get any logs as I have to force quit it as it doesn’t shutdown by its self.

The issue is that it loads too many things at once, unlike the actual ROBLOX game that only loads what you can handle then eventually loads everything else.

@Silent137 Oh finally got a report.

I can’t send it via here. Should I sent it through discord or something?

Add me discord @ SerClockwerk#5458

Why are you unable to send it through here? You should be able to send log files if you have them.

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Discourse whitelists allowed attachment types. Most everything that isn’t a text, image, or ROBLOX file isn’t whitelisted. You can speak with @Jparty if you want him to whitelist file types engineers need, because this has been an issue multiple times in the past.

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@Silent137 I can’t attach it. How should I send it?

I thought I should post this here too.

How many parts:

I really want to be able to finish this game, but I can’t because my Macbook can’t handle it. ROBLOX the game can handle it fine when I play, in studio I crash. Photo taken by another Dev.

Whatever makes ROBLOX games playable needs to be added in with Studio.

I’m having the exact same problem, MacBook Pro running Sierra, studio crashes when trying to play solo but runs perfectly in game.


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