Crash rate 7.5% but no high usage scripts

Pretty sure it was being caused by this:
It was a client script (that’s why it wasn’t showing up in the console) that has reaches 2% usage rate and rate over 1500 (it may have even higher usage when you have 4 players together). It’s an empty script that forks the default RbxCharacterSounds script that I thought I could use to get rid of the default character walk sounds.


This is completely unrelated but does anyone else not see the title or the scroll bar for this report?

Normal report for reference:

Just wanted to make sure it isn’t just me seeing this before I file a bug report.


I can also confirm that for some reason it is missing from this post.

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Yeah… very weird. @Kairomatic Mind having a look at this? :smiley:

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Yea same problem, title isn’t visible unless you look at the tab name

yeah I’m pretty sure it happened because I deleted the original post and then un-deleted it but it didn’t come back. Maybe we should make a bug report for bug reports not properly undeleting

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Hi, is this resolved for you then?

yeah the client crash rate is about 3% now at the destination place which I think is more reasonable. I’ve made a more detailed post about it here: Players Crashing after Teleport when Loading Screen ends

On a side note, the game didn’t end up doing as well as I had hoped despite having extremely high retention stats which confuses me a bit. It pushed me to the 1B place visits milestone though (across all my games) so I’m pretty happy about that! I’ve started working on a new game again.