Crash when entering Play Solo

Roblox Studio will crash every once in a while upon entering Play Solo. It looks to be running out of memory and just silently closes. Not shown a crash report, nor can I find one on my computer.

If I’m listening to music I can hear it cut off for a second when Studio crashes, but this happens whether or not I am listening to anything. Just an observation.

This is an intermittent issue and occurs after I’ve been using Studio for a couple of hours and Play Solo a multitude of times. I’m running macOS Catalina 10.15.4 on Studio 0.431.0.404520 and I use Studio primarily in fullscreen mode. Have noticed this happening for a couple of weeks.

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Please include crash dumps + log files by privately sending them to the studio bug files group. The instructions are in the pinned bug report requirements topic.

There is nothing useful to engineers in your topic otherwise.

I’m unable to find any crash logs on my computer related to this issue, and am aware of that requirement. More so posting this to see if any other Mac users are running into an issue like this.

Are you guys able to pull crash logs off of my UserId? There might be some stuff there.