Crash when removing identical watches from debugger

When I removed two identical watches from the debugger from a running local ModuleScript, Studio crashed. Inspecting the stack in the dump, this looks like a QT related exception, but I could be wrong.

I could not reproduce this crash in a simple case or by doing what I did again, so I’ll describe what I did in as much detail as I can.

Last night I was working on my project and was trying to see if I could peek into a local table in a ModuleScript that was under my player’s PlayerScripts by setting a breakpoint inside of one of the ModuleScript 's functions and seeing if I could just watch that variable or something. This didn’t work so I tried it one more time in another function in the same script, creating two watches for the same variable. Obviously neither of them did what I hoped so I deleted both of them by using right click > delete watch on each. A couple of seconds afterwards Studio crashed.

Log file and dump:

This happened with this game with the LocalSessionData ModuleScript under StarterPlayerScripts. I can provide the place file if needed but the dump should hopefully point out the problem enough.

I have these enabled.



Thanks for the heads up, we’ll investigate.

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Thanks for reporting the crash. I can’t view log file/ dump. Can you upload again? Thanks!

You have to ask your team to add you to the bug-files group: Logs / crash dumps / other bug files - Developer Forum | Roblox

You can see the private message after you’ve been added to it.