Crater system by Frodev

Hello people!

Recently I have been goofing around and I created a Crater system!
What is a crater system? You might have noticed a lot of anime esc fighting games where when some attack hits the ground a crater appears! I have created a system that allows you to do that very thing! And its free!

How it works

Open downloading or inserting the model there will be a Module called “CraterSystem”.
If you wish to create a Crater all you have to do is get the module and call the .crater() function!

E.g. require(location:FindFirstChild(‘CraterSystem’)).crater()

Next you’ll notice that you can put in 5 values.

E.g. .crater(CFrame,Amount,SpaceApart,Range,FadeTime)

    1. CFrame. well it is a CFrame. The crater will appear facing the direction of the bottom of the CFrame. Meaning if a part is facing forward it would make the crater underneath it
    1. Amount. The amount of crater parts that are created. Play around with it and find what you like!
    1. SpaceApart. How far apart the crater parts are, if its 3 they should be 3 studs away. Or something like it : D
    1. Range. This is the range of how far the crater can be created!
    1. FadeTime. This is the time it takes for the crater parts to fade away!

Note if you want more info you can print module.Info to get some info.

Get it!
Current Version: V1.1

Download:CraterSystemV1.1.rbxm (3.8 KB)
Get:CraterSystem - Roblox

Current Features:
Crater parts will mimic the parts material and color that they appear on.
You can have as many crater parts as you want.
crater parts are rotated around evenly 

I want your feedback! What do you think? What needs changed? Tell me!

***Current Version works pretty well! Report any bugs if you find them!


I need video examples of the crater system


Oh yeah whoops lol. Give me a little

this is quite useful. i could definitely see myself using this in the future.

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Just fixed some bugs so now it should work much better than it used too. Instead of appearing underneath the CFrame you provide it’ll now appear Infront of it! Enjoy!

Also a video:

Your system doesn’t seem to work anymore.
Am i doing something wrong?


Beats me I havent updated it since oct 23 and I have no idea how it works either so you might want to shift through the code and see if somethings wrong

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3rd time! You do post a lot and most of it is very useful to me! Thank you again for this!

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