CrazTrail Module

What does this module do

this module will give a player a cool looking trail, it is very customizable and I am always looking for suggestions on what I could add or change

How to get the module

to get started with CrazTrail you need to get the module first
when you get the module you should see this in workspace

How to use the module

Inside the TrailHandler server script is what we need to look at

local CrazTrail = require(script.Parent)

		Player, --Player
		20, --Height
		10, --Width
		20, --Length
		0.2, --Trail Movement Speed
		0.5 --Trail Color Wait Time

the first argument is the player
the second argument is the trail height
the third argument is the trail width
the fourth argument is the trail length
the fifth argument is the trail movement speed
the sixth argument is the trail color wait time

Understanding the arguments

the first argument has to be a player that is obvious if you saw “How to use the module”

the second argument is about height, height will change the maximum height the trail can go up to

the third argument is about width, width will change how wide the trail can be

the fourth argument is about length, length will change how far back behind the player the spikes can form

the fifth argument about movement speed, movement speed will change how fast the trail spikes are formed. putting this at 0 will make it go the fastest and the higher it is, the longer you will have to wait for a new spike to form. This can be used to have more aggressive or less aggressive movements

the sixth argument about color wait time, color wait time will change how fast the trail changes colors. If the trail has 0 wait time that means it won’t wait and will change colors VERY rapidly. The higher the wait time the longer it takes to change colors.

How the module works

when you set this to a player a trail attachment will be put on an invisible part and the humanoidrootpart
the invisible part will move in random places while the trail is allowed to change colors with a fade effect
this causes basically no lag at all

the trail does NOT respawn if you die
you will need to set it up again with{})
I did this because it gives you more freedom on what you want to do

the number arguments work with anything that has a text or value property
the text and value properties have to be equal to a number
if you do the instance without saying “.Text” or “.Value” at the end then it will change the trail properties when those instances Text and Value properties change
if you end the instances with “.Text” or “.Value” then the trail properties won’t change because you just entered a number
again this can be used to the developers advantage to be more free with it



CrazTrail Module - YouTube

if you have any questions about the module please ask
here is the module - CrazTrail - Roblox

thanks for reading, doryu


So, what does this module do?


I’m going to edit this later today basically adding pictures and a tutorial

but I’m short terms if you read everything
it basically gives whatever player you want a cool trail


Can you include some pictures?


yes I will do that later, I’m just busy atm


everything is now updated
I got pictures
a tutorial
and a section for what this module does

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this would be cool for an ice floor trail effect. I will surely use this in my game!

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I recommend waiting for the update I’m publishing later today
it’s going to have a delete trail function and have bug fixes


ik I said I would publish the update yesterday, I am delaying it since there are so many things I want to add, which will make using this module feel a lot better

Cool module!

Maybe add the ability to put multiple trails, that players can receive with a gamepass? Or temporarily, with a dev product? And maybe even add effects to the trail, such as causing damage to other players.

Would love to use it if these features were added!

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added that into V2 which is soon to come out

I won’t add that as it will be easy to implement that on your own

this sounds like an amazing idea, thanks so much for the suggestions :smiley:

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I came up with that thinking in the mindset of somebody who knows nothing about scripting, (so myself,) if you could do a tutorial on how to add that when you release the next version?


yea sure, I would love to do that

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can u add a link for a demo place?

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I’ll add a demo place for V2 when it releases

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should I make a trail collision feature for V2 or V3
  • V2
  • V3

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asking this because it would take a bit to implement into the module

Hey there, I just want to say that I really like the concept! I am probably going to use this feature in my game as a walking animation for my ice superhero! Thank you so much for creating this and charing it with the forum!

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thanks a lot, sad that I gotta wait till the 4th of July to update it tho :sweat_smile:

Why use this over the default Trail instance? This looks like a over-complicated version of something that already exists as a built-in instance

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I made this as a way to have a more custom trail
the next version you will be able to use this with more then just the player and there will signals that the current trails don’t have

also note that this uses the trail instance