Crazy Brix restarant

I know it is “Restaurant” in writing terms, but I always spell it as “Restarant”, and I have recently built a restarant for a known forum member @CrazedBrick1

also this is my first build with the interior and most of the interior stuff is made by @VGVC2 and I made the ceiling light and the counter, I might convert them into meshes one day since some of them uses Unions which are unperformant. The exterior is based on Famous Dave’s in Forsan Central Mall which I am too lazy to put the picture in, but I need to hear your feedback on this build


This restaurant looks good! Nice job on it!

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The restaurant looks a little dark inside, maybe increase the range of the lights or lighten the ambient.


I’d have more lighting. Also I recommend adding more decor like plants and pictures or interior decor. Looking at it it seems a bit simple. To help it make it look better I recommend adding more shapes and dimensions. Hope that helps!

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expanded the restarant