Crazy Stairs 2.0

Change log 2.0

  1. Archon added.
  2. Drifter added.
  3. Heretic added.
  4. Cursed stairs and intersections now have heretic themed colours.
  5. New cursed intersection cross.
  6. New music Jukebox, allowing you to change each alignment climb music (your selection will save)
  7. Most of on-screen windows now have a close button.
  8. Keeper’s move and rotate no longer show a direction selection window.
    Spell direction is now determined by player position after the jump. (new guide arrows will appear too)
    This is also the case for new Archon’s spells.
  9. Whole guide arrow has been remade, arrows should now only appear when the spell is possible.
  10. “None” alignment is now black-themed.
  11. New chameleon switch menu.
  12. New share mana and token icons.
  13. Share mana button will now be visible all the time, while border will change colours if there are nearby players.
  14. New 3 token ultimate spell for each alignment (Shrink all and Purge have been move to 3 token category, while Patron and Wicked
    got 2 tokens spells instead)
  15. New Chameleon spell - Mystery Rig. This will be unlocked after reaching Usurper rank.
  16. Patron restore spell has been transferred to Keeper, Patron now has a “call orb” spell instead.
  17. Keeper is now the only class that can fix stairs (“move down” spell has been removed from the game)
  18. Each class has received new top rank (50 climbs required).
  19. New badges for getting the max rank on each free class will be added, when the game is live.
    If you already have 50 climbs on alignment, simply morph into the class to receive the badge and activate the rank effect.
    (do not use chameleon, morph via floor morphs)
  20. You can now save multi tokens for later. To bring up multi token screen, simply click on the token icon.
    Multi token window will not automatically close anymore.
  21. Stair-to-stair collisions have been turned off. Also most collision between objects in the game have been turned off as well.
  22. Hall of fame has been removed to make room for Heretic’s guild. You can now find top charts in muggle guild and top times
    in each guild respectively.
  23. New timer that will show up on each global leader board. It will show time left until the next refresh.
  24. Sanctuary animations have been turned off, to improve performance on low-end devices.
  25. New ghost union guide arrows. Ghost union will receive anti-lag rework soon. For now wait for the arrows to appear, before
    re-entering the stairs.
  26. New Thief GUI will show weather Thief has stolen stairs in the inventory.
  27. All failed spells will now cause red flash of either:
    • locked stairs,
    • incompatible stairs,
    • crossing stairs,
    • blocking stairs,
    • cursed intersection,
    • cursed stairs,
    • disabled platform.
      In case of Keeper and Archon spells both stair that you wanted to move and target stairs that would have been destroyed,
      will flash. Unlike last version, only caster will see the flash.
  28. Due to new Drifter alignment, some platforms may be temporarily gone. If the platform is not there, blame Drifters.
  29. Each guild and morph has been relocated to maintain a “rainbow” colours pattern. Chameleon screen also follows this suit.
    Morphs locations correspond room locations.
  30. Guild doors will now move vertically.
  31. Remade Thief’s rank images to reflect current colour scheme.
  32. All rigs have now text on top and bottom step, informing you of the type of the rig. It should help colour blind people, as well as making it more clear what is a rig and what is not.
  33. Devil, Reaper, Jester, Vision and Sentinel (plus new Illuminati and Voyager) perk is now toggle-able. Except for Jester, switch
    does not affect ability to activate above stairs. Illuminati on the other hand does not deal with Rigs at all.
  34. Joker’s Invisible Above spell has been replaced by Create Invisible Stairs spell. This spell is “soft”, just like Thief’s Place it will not demolish crossing stairs.
  35. Wicked’s Damage Stairs spell now affects above stairs. Mana cost increased to 3.
  36. Captain rank has been changed to “Restore spell is now free” (rig trigger bonus before)
  37. Defender rank has been changed to “Call the Orb spell cost is reduced to 2 Mana.” (free restore before)
  38. New affected stairs count notification, after casting any of the event/rig spells. You have the option to show more stair stats during casting, if you are into that sort of thing.
  39. I have moved shared ultimates to the right, to separate them from unique spells.
  40. Lore screens in guilds have been updated with new spells. I have also separated basic and ultimate spells on those screens.
  41. Multi token now has its own icon, and counter will appear both on Muggle screen and Chameleon’s Muggle screen. It will not appear on “None” screen though.
  42. You can save up Multi tokens for later by closing the “Choose Your Tokens” window. Reminder: You cannot convert class tokens back to multi tokens.
    Bug fixes (only the major ones listed):
  43. Fixed possibility of inadvertently activating spell on above stairs (or in case of above spells - stairs above-above stairs),
    while jumping near the top.
  44. Tutorial wall has been widened, to prevent players from jumping around it.
  45. Fixed a bug that would disable all spells for a player on certain platforms.
  46. Fixed a bug that would destroy stairs in the way (of an attempted spell), while casting a keeper move spell on locked stairs.
  47. Fixed a bug that would cause bend down and bend up spell skip the animation (when camera is far away),
    and potentially dropping the player below.
  48. Fixed overlapping GUI if a morph is activated during spectate mode. Morphing in spectate mode will force you out of it.
  49. Stair generation now has lower chance of trapping players in the stairs. Since lag exists, there is no way to 100% prevent
    it from happening though, without redesigning the core elements of the game.
  50. Failed spell flash is now local, that means failed drone spell will no longer flash crosses and cursed stairs (as could happen
    in pro tower before). You will also not see other players failed attempts.

Access the game here:


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