Create a Media Links section for linking content such as Devforum posts and Youtube Videos

As a developer, I would like to add a so-called Media Links section to my game, which is similar to Social Links, where I can link video/textual content related to my game that are relevant for players.

The Media Links section would be view-able by any age and allow us to link Youtube videos and Devforum posts which would make it much easier to give user specific information that wouldn’t make sense or belong in the game such as a FAQ post or a Tips for Playing video.

Though we can include Youtube videos and Devforum posts in our description, it would make it more visible to users if they’re in a Media Links section with similar user experience to the Social Links section.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would make it easier for me as a developer to link my players through to relevant content that players of my game will enjoy / will help them further engage with my game.