Create a page on Luau's strict typing feature

As a Roblox developer, I would like to see documentation on the strict typing feature in Luau.

Strict Typing is one of the most powerful features Luau has that makes it unique from Lua, and it provides help with autocompletes and function parameters

Seeing documentation on it so people can grasp the concept (especially generics) much quicker would be very cool to have on the devhub


Would love this as I have no idea how these even work. Though, this is already sort of documented on the luau website, Getting Started - Luau. Still super vague.

There should at least be a link to the Luau website. It doesn’t make sense Roblox has an entire language fork, but almost no mentions of it in the documentation.

I’ve been trying to get into strict typing, and the experience has been frustrating. I couldn’t find any official docs on what you are supposed to do when you are dealing with setmetatable. After an hour of trying to get a project to work, I just gave up on it. It was easy for me to figure out functional programming with typing, but object-oriented has been hard without documentation on what is intended.