Create buttons easily with Shortcut Buddy! (version 0.2.1)

Shortcut Buddy
by @FatherSystem64
Special thanks to @Markos_Lightspeed

Shortcut Buddy is a new plugin which with you can easily make top bar, or any buttons for your game using the plugin button editor. The plugin comes with automatic button script creation that also saves.
Note that the plugin is released in a test version!

Properties available
Name - The name of the button.
Button Class - Can be Topbar or a Screen button!
Size and Position - In case of a Topbar button, you can only edit it’s width, but for a Screen button, you can change the position and size too!
Display Text - What should appear on the button, or next to the icon the button.
Icon - Disable or enable it. You can customize the image that would appear on the button, or even the alignment of the image!

Version info
Update on July 17th (version 0.2.1)

  • Fixed minor button selection issues
  • The plugins now saves your buttons per place, it won’t work in offline places. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you create a copy of your button scripts before updating!

Update on July 16th (version 0.2)

  • Contains a major UI redesign (more colors). The Button Position and Size Properties are not mispositioned anymore and minor design fix for drop-down menus.
  • (new) Icon Alignment option, with “Left” or “Right” alignments. Yes, the text adapts to this property!
  • Button selection system to collectively remove buttons
  • You must have either an icon or text on your button. First, add a text to disable the icon.
  • Set a text limit on Shortcut Name (min 3, max 17 letters), Button Text (maximum 30 letters) and the Button Width cannot be longer than the Topbar frame’s length.
  • Every time the plugin UI is opened, the plugin is refreshed to fix potential issues, but no saves will be overwritten
  • Fixed an issue where a button’s list item would duplicate while creating one button
  • Fixed the Gui within StarterGui (“ShortcutBuddy”) not being able to be removed. Now you can even rename it and it will save to the plugin. Removing this gui won’t have an affect to the plugin’s behavior
  • Fixed InteractionScript saving issues. Renaming it isn’t recommended
  • Fixed major error with created buttons not appearing in running Studio games

Known Issues
No known issues.


  • If there is an error when pressing the Edit button, re-open your place as it is a temporary issue

Plugin Link: Shortcut Buddy

That’s all there is to it. Please write suggestions and design ideas into replies! For issues, message me (on Roblox)!


Can you please provide videos showcasing your plugin??


I already love the plugin due to its features, but I ran into a problem. Creating a top bar button seems to work fine. However, as soon as I start playing the game, the button disappears. And I have no idea how to fix it.

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That will be a plugin issue, I will fix that for the next test version update.
Thanks for pointing out.

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Since I didn’t prepare with a showcase video, here’s a quick one I recorded: Recording1 - YouTube

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So its basically a shorter version of the properties list?


@DERKINGIMRING112 @Synitx and @foodman54 I want to note to you guys, that the plugin is updated, and all issues have been fixed. Everything has been tested.
The update log is in the post.
Have fun and I await your further recommendations!

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thanks this is really awesome!

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I just fixed the button saving issue. Make a copy of your scripts before updating, because the plugin doesn’t import from previously created buttons and uses a new saving method.

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alright good to know will do that