Create games in roblox (Not studio) System

so ive been making a game thats an replicate of old roblox and i was wanting to make a studio for the game so people can create games and add them to my game like a game called retrostudio. If this makes any sense. How difficult would it be and how would it work?

prob difficult my g if u don’t know what ur doing

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I’m not sure how, but you may want to rethink it slightly.
If you give someone the ability to add stuff to your game you’d better moderate them, otherwise someone will build something inappropriate and get your game shut down.

The other thing is, if someone builds a game inside your game then they are contributing to the Robux you get for people playing it. They’re probably going to invest that time in a game of their own creation, so you may not get any good content.

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you must be aware that making this SOLO will take a long time…

take my game CONSTRUCTOPIA for example, it kind of replicated the roblox studio’s style of building structures and exporting them to the actual engine, but it took me 9 MONTHS to complete.

you must also replicate the same camera system from the engine, as well as the handles, widgets, play testing, and much more…

you just need time and experience or else you will be stuck with an empty baseplate image

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