Create Interior / Dimension System

i need some help i am trying to make Interior /Dimension System
the idea of it if the player in dim id (1) and there is another player in the same dim they can see each other but cant see other players and other players cant see them and same for models

i want to make a house interior system so the same interior with same position but every player has house id it will be the dim you need to know which player house are you going to enter because all the interiors are just the same model in the same position

Uhhh not sure what you mean but you may wanna check out LocalTransparencyModifier for that

i mean something like this in gtasa but in roblox
setElementDimension - Multi Theft Auto: Wiki

Yea you could add an attribute to different models with a number value and handle this dimension property with localtransparencymodifier

ok thank you i will try to use it