Create .rblx file on a backend server and modify a script

So I have a back end server running on nodejs.
How can I create a .rblx file and then change a string in a localscript that’s included in the .rblx?

Do you mean change a string inside of the .rblx file from a node.js backend server?

Yeah. Like inside a localscript from the node.js server.

The only way I could think of is to have a different database and then the localscript would get from that database and your nodejs server would edit the database. Otherwise I dont know maybe someone else has a better idea.

(so like your node.js server would change the variable and then your local script would have to be local var = (get the database and variable here)

This would also have to be inside of a function like a mouseclick or some function that is called otherwise it will only change on new servers.

I mean like the server would have a .rblx file already created but then it will edit a localscript inside of startergui with some new content. Im making a roblox app center service and I would need to change the center id so the game can load the data of that center

Its impossible to change a script from another script(at least in roblox) so you would have to do the database or just tell the person to input their own id/you input it for them. The only other way I could think of is to get the placeid of the game it is in but I think that its 2 different games so that wouldnt work.

I mean change a script from a node.js backend server. Not a server script in the roblox game.

Thats what I meant, I dont think you can change a roblox script from anything. The only thing that can change are variables.

I saw someone else do it. Idk how they did it tho.

You saw them do what? Change the local script from the backend server? If so I can maybe find a work around if you tell me exactly what needs to be changed.


Heres an example code I would do:

require(moduleId)("This will be what the server edits, it would be a center id")

What is the center id? Is it the place that the script is in?

It will be used in the module to get the centers data, like all the questions and things.

If they input the data themself than you can do a module script and just get values from there.

I will have an api then there will be a button to download the center and thats when I want it to change the center id and then it would download the file

I sorter want it to be fully automated.

If you want it fully automated its going to have to be through databases. If you have a low enough api call then you can use google sheets.(free)

I already have a mongodb database.

That should work but you will have to venture that alone or with someone else because I am not experienced with http service.

I know how to use http service and everything so that bit is fine. But if there was multiple places the system wouldnt know which center to load