Create .rblx file on a backend server and modify a script

It will be used in the module to get the centers data, like all the questions and things.

If they input the data themself than you can do a module script and just get values from there.

I will have an api then there will be a button to download the center and thats when I want it to change the center id and then it would download the file

I sorter want it to be fully automated.

If you want it fully automated its going to have to be through databases. If you have a low enough api call then you can use google sheets.(free)

I already have a mongodb database.

That should work but you will have to venture that alone or with someone else because I am not experienced with http service.

I know how to use http service and everything so that bit is fine. But if there was multiple places the system wouldnt know which center to load

I believe with mongodb you can give each value a key. So like 3745747 - placeid or something. You could maybe do like Name - ID

Exactly what you’re describing is possible, the problem is it might not be actually what you want.

If you save the place file as .rbxlx, you get a human-readable and uncompressed roblox place file, with all scripts, instances etc. spelled out clearly. You can then modify any scripts in the place file.
The annoying part is getting that change back into the game - you have to publish the place. At this point, you have to log into your account with the server, which leaves your account wide open to being stolen if your node server isn’t secure enough.

For “changing a string”, that’s way overkill.
Make a http request to your server. Your server should return the string that the game should use. Then do whatever you wanted with that string.
The script never changes, the script just queries the server first to know what the string should be.

Edit: You can get by without a node server if you store the string in a datastore and change that.
If getting that string involves querying Roblox APIs that httpservice won’t let you touch, such as if you want a group’s name or something, that’s when you would use a node.js server.

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What apis would I use to covert the .rbxlx file to a .rblx?

A .rblxlx file is already a valid place file and is accepted if you decide to publish it.
The reason why you’d need to convert a place to .rbxlx is because the .rbxl file format hasn’t been fully reverse engineered yet.

And no, there is no API for that. Absolutely none at all.
You have to either open the place in Studio and convert it between the formats, or publish the .rbxlx.

I just used this Rbxlx - A .rbxlx file parser for NodeJS and I managed to change the string. But since it is now parsed, how do I like reput it back into a normal .rbxlx file?

There is a library by @Maximum_ADHD written in C# which helps you deal with Roblox place files GitHub - MaximumADHD/Roblox-File-Format: A C# library designed to make it easy to create and manipulate files in Roblox's model/place file format..
It is not written in JS however you could translate it to JavaScript.

Also you could make a reverse parser with the source code of the parser you are using but that would be a bit complicated.

Also you probably should store the parsed version on your server and just compile it to a .rbxlx file instead of parsing the file multiple times and then compiling.


What‘s this? Wait, we really can use local servers?

The logistics of doing so might be a bit painful.

My implementation is mostly based on this spec, with additional features reverse engineered manually.


You can do this easily I know this is late but this should help you!

this is the backend code!

let rbxlxFile = fs.readFileSync("rbxlxFILEHERE").toString("utf-8")
                    rbxlxFile = rbxlxFile.replace("STRINGYOUWANTOREPLACE", "THEREPLACE")


if you are using a discord bot (Which I am assuming) you can do this!

                        files: [{name: `FILENAME.rbxlx`, attachment: Buffer.from(rbxlxFile, "utf-8")}]

ps: also make sure its a rbxlx and not a rblx

i suggest pming OP instead of bumping the topic 1 year later

thank you for having common sense unlike me

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you are not alone i don’t have common sense either