Create Roblox GFX! Tutorial! (blender 2.8/81/82/83/2.9)

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to finally create a tutorial on how to make GFX/blender renders! I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Step 1:
Usually, you want to put a character, or more characters in your render, first find usernames for fitting avatars, and import them into roblox studio using AlreadyPro’s Import Character Plugin(you can always make your own)
Link to the plugin:

Step 2:
Create or find any models that you would like in your render, you can use anything for this, roblox studio, blender, or any other tools if you prefer those! If you can’t find any, I would recommend finding models on if you are too lazy to make them :>

Step 3:
Export all your models and characters from Roblox Studio do it in parts, and please use different folders inside one main folder to not lose anything and to find which textures are which later on (Make sure to export the hats and the body of one character separately (for the hats and other modes, position them as much in the middle of the map at the coordinate 0,0,0 as possible)

Step 4:
Open your blender rig(this is a very big lot smoother then posing inside studio), ill leave downloads if you don’t know how to make one :slight_smile:
Blocky: PaintRigV3.blend (803.4 KB)
Woman: WomanRig.blend (1.2 MB)
(I currently don’t have any other on this device as my other laptop with most of my files stopped working :frowning: Sorry for that)

Step 5:
Select the head of the rig that you are using, and go to the material tab in properties(right bottom, it looks like a little ball)
You will see something like this:

click on the little circle next to the base color, and select “image texture” from the list, then click the little folder icon:
Navigate to the folder where you saved the body of the character not the hats, and click the item with the name in this format: [yourcharacterusername]“Tex.png” Now you are ready to import your hats, move them so that they fit exactly on the head!

Step 6:
Quickly switch to rendered view(press z and select rendered)
when you’re in rendered view, check if your hats are fully visible! Sometimes they aren’t if that happens, select the hats, and for each texture, click the delete(x) button:
Then you need to create a new one of the same in it, and find the correct texture:
For example Handle1Tex.png is the texture of the 1st hat etc.

Step 7:
Import your models that serve as background, decoration, etc. if you import them from sketchfab, they probably have the texture in a texture folder inside the zip that you downloaded, if you created them, you will be able to find the texture the same way as with impprting the hats(and their textures)

Step 8:
Pose your model, select one of the black boxes around the rig, and go to the left bottom corner, and select pose mode:

on the left side of your screen theere are transform tools, i recommend using mainly rotate and sometimes move. This way you can pose your rig!

Step 9:
Once your rig is posed, you can move it to the right position in your surroundings, and move to your render settings.

Step 10: Render settings:
first go to the icon above in your properties, you can customize things there, like how many pixels you need per inch, your resolution, etc.


At this tab, you can select background color, this will affect how light your scene is in general


now press shift+a and add in a light, you can add a sun, which shines on everything from a sspecific angle, you can find its settings in the light tab in properties(if you cant add a light you probably are still in pose mode, exit back to object mode in that case):

you can also use point lights, which only shines on specific objects in a specific distance around it.

Step 11:
Visible lights:
If you’d like to add a workping lamp or so, a part that actually emits light around it, move to the material tab, add a material, and select “Emission” from the list, then you can customize the strength and color.

Step 12:
Add a camera object (shift+a>camera) and position it where you would like it

Step 13:

Go to your fnial render settings:


I would defiitely recommend cycles, it is much higher quality! Also use gpu compute if you have a good gpu!

From experience, i think this is the best setup looked at from the perspective of time, and quality(light paths tab):

in the film tab enable transparent if you dont have any background:

In performance, i’d recommend using 16/16 sized tiles, or 32/32 if you have a very good gpu/cpu

Now press f12 to render!

Some of my gfx:

If you have any questions, feel free to dm me on devforum, or on discord: Ivy#8654

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If the tutorial did not help, please leave feedback below :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading! Enjoy rendering in blender!!


PARTLY did, since it’s mainly old version of blender D:


It also works on 2.9 almost same except a few small things might not, then they can ask me :slight_smile:


Very good tutorial thanks!

Just one thing I would like to add if anyone is interested, is that if you have a gpu and cpu you should probably be using cuda or OpenCL. This will allow you to get faster render times and better performance! I would also recommend changing the tile size in performance if you have a gpu to a high number. Eg 256x256.



Indeed you can upgrade those numbers with a good cpu/gpu :slight_smile:


I don’t see a “pose mode” in the dropdown. I’m use blender 2.9. How do I get to that?

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I personally don’t use Blender and I don’t get on well with it. I use the Load Character however I do my animations in Studio, I’m having issues with importing my textures, how do we do that?

Import the rig that I uploaded up there, you need a rigged character in order to pose :slight_smile:

If you mean textures from blender to roblox, you need to make them in the texturing tab, draw them or so, then copy them and save them to file

I have no idea where the texturing tab is. I know nothing about Blender.

up on the top of the screen, theres tabs that say stuff like “default” “view” “shading” “texturing” etc., you need to go to the texturing one

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You really should blender 2.91

Yea, I think your Blender is outdated.

Brilliant man It was easy to use and to follow Very helpful Imade an animation with it thanks so much!

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This worked amazingly! Thank you!

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I only see Texture Paint on mine at the top.

doesn’t work, followed those steps


2.8 is supported for at least another year!

youre not in material preview mode, press z and click material preview

I’ve decided to not try to use Blender altogether, I’ve finally managed to figure out 3D Viewer which is pre installed with Windows 10.